Polar Loop: not just a 24/7 activity tracker

Polar Loop Activity Tracker

The Polar Loop is not just any activity tracker.

It works in the water and can even incoporate in heart rate data with an optional Polar H6 or H7 chest strap and your Smartphone.

Something else it is capable of is going for a swim. The Polar Loop is waterproof to a depth of 65ft (20

Features of the Loop

  • Active time with Quality
  • Step Count
  • Calories
  • Inactivity Alerts and time when occured
  • Amount of sleep last night
  • Daily goal status
  • Guidance on how to reach your goal

Technical Features

  • 80 LED screen
  • 6 Days in between charges
  • User adjustable band

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My interview with Precor

Here at Precor, we hear amazing stories from peope all the time about how our products helped them overcome a health challenge in their life.

It’s one of the reasons that this line in our creed really stands out: “I believe tomorrow will be even better because of what I do today.”

At our all-company meetings each quarter, a success story is always presented. For example, we recently heard about Erick, who runs the blog Life Without Boundaries. Erick originally reached out to us through Twitter to tell us how the AMT has impacted his life and his battle against rheumatoid arthritis:

“At first I surrendered to what was coming from R.A.,” he wrote to us in an email. “One day I woke up with a decision to take my life back. I was fed up with all of the weight that the medication and sedentary lifestyle gave me. I was a former bodybuilder, surfer and runner. I had to make a change.”

It was during Erick’s training when a trainer he had become friends with suggested using the AMT® .

“I really liked how I could change the stride from short to long as well as go backwards and even use it as a stair climber all without stopping,” he wrote, adding that there was no impact on his joints. “My first workouts only lasted 10 minutes and I was exhausted. After three weeks, my training on the AMT progressively got better and longer. I’m currently able to run an hour on the AMT without any issues with my R.A.”